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Coming soon

Mystery will be revealed soon

About Us

Zoocommerce Team

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, we believe in encouraging the diverse talents of people from around the world.


So, we have built an international team that collaborates remotely using great tools like Github, Slack, and Hangouts to make the best use of each team member's individual skills.

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What Our Clients Say

Owning a store that adds new collectibles inventory every week, maintaining items takes a lot of my time.  I write listings in batches and schedule them to publish every Friday evening.  This keeps our customers coming back every week, but before Chameleon, it meant I'd have to go back in after they publish to add them to social media channels, since Shopify can't schedule those in advance.  Many of our items are sold as one-offs, so as they sold, I'd have to go through and hide them; otherwise, our customers would have to scroll through pages of sold items to shop.  Chameleon is AMAZING!  With Chameleon, I can bypass Shopify's not-well-implemented scheduling system and set each item to publish on the date I choose just by simply adding a tag.  Once that date arrives, the items publish automatically to ALL sales channels at the same time, so my customers on all platforms get to see them at the same time.  When an item sells out, Chameleon hides it, and if we restock it, it automatically republishes it, saving us steps every time and reducing the chance for mistakes on our end.  This app is a game-changer for us, and will save me over an hour of maintenance work every week.  52 hours over the course of a year?  I may take a vacation!

Eleda Towle 

Triple Mountain Model Horses,

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