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Chameleon FAQ


  • How does Chameleon work?
    Wherever an item is changed in Shopify (a customer orders it, it is restocked, or you've updated the product), Shopify notifies Chameleon of the changes. Based on those events Chameleon applies the rules that you set up to hide or publish the item. Hiding can be set to occur immediately or even be scheduled to run at a certain time and period (e.g. run a cleaning at 5 AM every 7 days).
  • Is there a step by step guide on how Chameleon app works?
    Yes, you can follow this guide Chameleon.
  • Can Chameleon replace Shopify's item scheduling section?
    Yes, and it will even simplify publishing to all your configured sales channels. Write items ahead of time and simply tag them. That's it! When the date and time indicated by the tag arrive, Chameleon will publish the item to all the sales channels you have chosen. This is much faster than using Shopify's scheduling section, and as a bonus, Chameleon can even publish to social media channels at the chosen time!
  • Can Chameleon ignore certain products?
    Yes, you will need to apply a tag (of your choice, we suggest "ignore") to products that you want to be ignored by Chameleon and add that tag to Chameleon settings. It will ignore any events that are happening to tagged products.
  • Can Chameleon to handle products that set "Inventory policy" to "Don't track inventory"?"
    Yes, you will need to apply the same settings as when you ignore certain products. Please see above!
  • Can Chameleon hide individual variants (for example, a shirt has large and medium sizes. If the large size is out of stock, could I hide it individually)?"
    Shopify does not currently allow hiding individual variants (e.g., color, size, etc.). Shopify only allows hiding a product when all variants of the product are out of stock.
  • Does Chameleon app work across multiple sale channels: eBay, facebook, Instagram ... ?"
    It supports all the channels that are configured under your admin panel.
  • At which time zone does Chameleon operate?
    It is based on the local time zone where your store is operating.
  • What happens when Chameleon is uninstalled?
    When the app is uninstalled, products will remain in the state they were in at the time. In other words, hidden items will remain hidden; published items will remain published, and no further actions will be made by the app. If you have items scheduled to publish at a future date, you will now need to use the Shopify scheduling section to schedule their publish date.
  • How can I contact Zoocommerce with additional questions?
    Please feel free to contact us at if you have any additional questions.
  • What is your Privacy Policy?
    Please find our Privacy Policy.
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