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Hope for a Better Future

We are fortunate to live in this century!  To see the great transformations and technological breakthroughs is a blessing, and at the same time, is a curse that creates a deep gap. If you have ever asked 20 years ago from now that one day the world would be taken over by autonomous Google and Uber cars, Amazon droid delivery services, Artificial Intelligence, no one would have believed.  Well, today it is all around us!


As part of a multicultural team, we, at Zoocommerce, see that GAP! As a new company built by an ordinary team of engineers/professionals, we love what we do; and we hope for the bright future and opportunities for less fortunate.  At the beginning of our journey, we decided to set the bar high.


With every subscription from every app, we will be collecting some money that will be donated annually. We are still figuring out how it is going to work out, but we assure you of our firm intentions!

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